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NIftyfut And BankNifty-Clear Cut View Suggested 7700 from 7880 and More Updated for 7580 and 7500...7460-7440

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Now Here Is NIftyFuture and BankNifty Future -Attached Screen Shots Of Messages Sent to clients In Market Hours

NiftyFuture-Sell suggested at 7880 for 7700 and updated for 7580 and more  (see 4th January SMS and 7th January)
1.again short added at 7850-20 with SL of 7890 tgt 7700,tgt updated of 7580 on (7th jan big fall ) done. 
2.again added in short around 7640 with sl of 7650 ...partial booked at 7530 and rest keeping sl of 7650
3.Again shorted below 7570 sl of 7650 and done 7500 we hold partial quantity which in short which we taken at (7880 ,7835 and 7635..partial booked at 7530 on 11th January SL 7650 on closing base ...if triggered then also superb gain or violation of 7680 in intraday basis )

BankNiftyFuture -we suggested Cut of 400 points on 7th January (see below screen shots)if break 16200 then 15800 (done 15727 ..16200 broken of 7 January )

4th January-1
Nifty future was suggested for 7830 on break of 7880 .took support at 7880 around 10.15 AM and then started falling-screen shot

4th Janaury -2

Nifty future was @ 7888 and about to break our support of 7880 then we suggested bearishness for 7700 ...and intraday came down to 7790+

yes we suggested to buy at 7700 but on 6th jan its washed out without touching 7700 in huge gape down

5th January -Again Sell Suggested with sl of 7890 Nifty Future around 7820-50 high made of 7839 and came down to 7781 tgt 7700

 6th January-Sell Suggested Previous day for 7700 still safe 7890 could not crossed suggested hurdle levels of 7850 and low 7730

7th January- Nifty Future and BankNifty Future Updates
NiftyFuture - Earlier shorted 7850-20 with SL of 7890 tgt 7700,tgt updated of 7580  and done 7575
BankNifty future- suggested for 15800 on break of 16200 and done 

8th January-Suggested Resistance around 7635 and 7650 asked to sell with sl of 7650 and closed at 7605

11th January- Reduced shorts and suggested upside of 7570 and 7620 both done too and Nifty stopped at both levels of time being....

12th January-Again Suggested short at 7570 for 7538 and 7500 done sl of 7650 (we are holding now partial quantity short initiated at 7880 ,7835 and 7635,..booked partial at 7530 yestetday 11 th January now sl is 7650 on closing base

IMP DISCLAIMER: Above matter is technical analysis based on & conceived from charts, which are believed to be authentic over long long time. One should think of own risk first before implementing on above analysis. The author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anybody.


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