Sunday, October 18, 2015


Multibagger Stocks Suggestion -ARVIND,TVSMOTOR Ashokley,KEC,KALPTARU,VOLTAS,GODREJproperty and few more

Now a days we recommend Arvind ,Voltas(clients still hold quantity from 69 and adding also) and Ashokley at every lower levels in Cash Segments 

Arvind-earlier we have suggested around 252 and moved up 327 partial booking advised at 306-3
10 and 322 now again asked to buy at 272 and 288-290 trading at 264

Technical Chart waiting for Strong breakout above Current level of 29..

Ashokley-asked our clients to buy around 78-80 in recent fall and now trading around 95+

KECinter-Asked to buy around 136-40 and moved up to 160+ ...we have given chart earlier

Tvsmotor-suggested to buy around 238 and 242 moved up to 248-49 short term swing trader asked to book here stock on breakout crossover of 255 can take this to 280+ and further update will be given later coz stock has another higher breakout around 270+

Twitter Update

Godrejproperty-Stock was suggested at 200 and again added aggressively around 240 for long term  now 350+  we hold long 

Voltas- bit crazy for this Stock at lower levels and ,clients hold from 69 added more at 98-102 ,156 and partial booked at 265-270 again added for 340 and we are buying at every lower levels

And Few More Midcas and Small Caps Like Elecon and Some name given here earlier 

Coalind and TRF were The worst Performing Call ...Coalind -exited in loose of 35-32 Rs...TRF Buying average is low so Holding 

IMP DISCLAIMER: Above matter is technical analysis based on & conceived from charts, which are believed to be authentic over long long time. One should think of own risk first before implementing on above analysis. The author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anybody.


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