Thursday, October 3, 2013


Nifty Technical Chart and Stocks Views

Nifty Cash- Support at 5780 ,Morning trade can be initiated with sl of 5755 for the target of  5810-5815 ,crossover  of 5815 will bring 5833-5842,further rally can possible if cross above 5842 which can lead this to 5882  and .....
Crucial Supply area which can exhaust short term up rally- 5810-15/5840 and 5860-82 
My View it that in best case it can do 5881.....,Trader can use opportunity to sell around  

Sensex-Crossover of 19550 index can move up to 19600.19660-675 and 19700-19750 
zone of 19700-750 is critical Supply areas lack of demand can again pull this down 19550-19540
Cross above 19750 it will move up to 19870-19880 this is another major supply area.

Kotakbank-Buy Keeping support of 677 Sustain above 690 tgt 697-96 and 710-11,Some selling can possible around 702

Jswssteel-Crossover 762 stock has tgt of 780-83 and if sustain aboev 785 tgt 815 or 825-26 
stock can pause around 820-25 which is wolf wave tgt we have given our view on stock for tgt of 820 when it was trading at 650-640.

IMP DISCLAIMER: Above matter is technical analysis based on & conceived from charts, which are believed to be authentic over long long time. One should think of own risk first before implementing on above analysis. The author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anybody.


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