Friday, July 19, 2013


Trading Ideas

Nifty Cash-Crossover 6060 it can move up to 6114-6132 and likely to take rest around this level

Nifty Fut-Support around 6040 and 6020 then 5995 ,Resistance around 6080 ,if Crossover this then 6125-6132

BankNifty- initial Resistance around 11270 and important Resistance around 11305-310 If cross then expect 11360 and 11450,Downside Support around 11070-11030,Break of which it can come down to 11970

Dont Be Too  Much Bullish On Bank Stocks till it cross 11360 wait ,as stock Can trade around resistance at before that point .let it trigger

BankNiftyFut-Resistance around 11305 and 11340 which is important hurdle,Crossover of which it can lead to 11445 ,11520,Support in  downside around 11160,11000 and Sell if Break 11065 then it can come down to 11030-32 and finally 10975

Bergerpaint -Looks Good Can Move Up to ...use Sl of ...


AbirlaNuvo-Buy above 1139 .......

Adanient-buy above 202.7 Sl and Tgt 

Techm-Sell Below 1082  Stock Can Come down to 

Bata-Cash Trader Buy above  Stock Can move up to 955 an above 

BajajAuto-Stock Is Looking Very Good And Crossover of 19??....It can Shoot Up to ....

Heromotr-Stock Looking Good Buy in around 17..-17?? Keeping  sl... of  tgt 1745 ,1773 and 1790 or it can move up to 1820-30 

Hdil -Good above 41 Can Move up to 

Jisjeql -Can Move up to 56 -58 Cmp 53 

IMP DISCLAIMER: Above matter is technical analysis based on & conceived from charts, which are believed to be authentic over long long time. One should think of own risk first before implementing on above analysis. The author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anybody.


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