Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Grasim-Sell Given @ 2740 Now 2625,Nifty Done 5680

Smart Trade Product-Whole Market Is Falling Still I Believe Trade With Proper SL,Many Stock Has Given Higher Return Than These In This Bearish Market But We Trade On Efficient And Proper SL(Not Very Big SL .Ulimately If SL Hit Then Only Clients Has To Suffer) 

"Less But Smart Gain And Confident Trade"
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Coz On 25 June We Advised To Sell Nifty For 5850 and 5680 Today Nifty Done 5677(Detail Report Send to Clients On That Day)

"Here We Suggested In Technical Report-that Sell Around 2715 And Again Sell At 2740 (Intraday Trader Booked at 2690 On The Same Day) and Stock Again Come Up To 2740 Yesterday And Now Falling Down"

Grasim-Sell Call Suggested To Clients Around 2715 and asked to sell in rallies of 2740 Done 2625 Today
1.Earlier Sell Suggested at 
1.Hint Was Given Here 

Disclaimer-Subscriber Asked To Sell Around 2715 and 2740,Earlier Sell Given at 2900

IMP DISCLAIMER: Above matter is technical analysis based on & conceived from charts, which are believed to be authentic over long long time. One should think of own risk first before implementing on above analysis. The author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anybody.


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